Affordable and Reliable Flood BarriersAffordable - Reliable - Flexible - Fast

Affordable and Reliable Flood Barriers

Affordable - Reliable - Flexible - Fast

The BLOBEL GSB-H flood barrier system is affordable and has proven reliability.  With installations around the world, the flood barrier continues to demonstrate its reliability while also being one for the most flexible and affordable solutions on the market. 

  • Affordable - Cost effective for businesses and homeowners

  • Reliable - Proven reliability through testing and worldwide deployment

  • Flexible - Available in a wide range of heights and widths with simple installation 

  • Fast Deployment - Simple insertion of the profiles within the U-posts 

Flood Barrier GSB-H

Surprisingly Affordable Prevention

Just one inch of flood water in an average home does more than $25,000 damage according to FEMA.  Typical flood damages to homes and businesses are often much higher and frequently not adequately covered by insurance.  The GSB-H flood barrier can be fitted to an average home or business for a fraction of the cost of flood damages.  Contact us now for a quote!

Flood Barrier BL-GSB-H

Flexible Installation  

Various installation options are available with minimum impact on the aesthetics of the building. No extra masonry work required. In the event of flood prediction, the barrier is easily and quickly assembled with no tools needed.  Profiles can be added based on projected flood heights.  

Flood Barrier GSB-H

Demonstrated Reliability

With over 30 years of experience, BLOBEL is a global leader in the flood and containment barrier business.  BLOBEL systems are characterized by their high quality and extreme toughness.  BLOBEL flood barriers are deployed worldwide and demonstrate outstanding performance.  

Wide Range of Flood Barrier Products

BLOBEL provides a wide range of flood barriers to meet your needs.  Available flood protection includes hinged flood doors, high water barriers, mobile barrier systems and automatic self-closing barriers.

Flood Barrier BL-HHS

Hinged Flood Doors

The hinged flood door is easily closed and locks through a 3 point lever handle. The flood door is designed for installation in both new and existing buildings. 

Pop UP - Flood Barrier GSB-FG-H

Automatic Self-Closing Barriers

The self-closing barrier mounts in the floor and automatically closes when flood water fills the sump.  Operation is reliable and requires no power.

Flood Barrier BL-HAP-SB

Flood Barrier Systems 

The floodwater barrier consists of two or more hollow, reinforced aluminium body sections. A highly-adaptable special seal is installed on the lowermost barrier section. 

Spill Barrier Compliance