Fast, reliable and cost effective flood protection!

Flood Barrier BL/GSB-H


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Flexible protection, that grows with the rising flood

The lightweight aluminum profiles slide between vertical U-posts, one by one. 

It is not necessary to insert all the profiles all the time. 

With short and heavy rain, it is often enough to simply insert the first profile. For long, heavy rain or flooding, additional panels simply can be added as needed. 

Height = 1000mm / 3foot


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Needed it even higher?

The Flood Barrier GSB-H is designed as such that the vertical U-Posts can be extended even after the barrier is installed. This allows for the height to be increased and the additional use of profiles.

Depending on the width of the barrier, the height can be extended of up to 2 meters.

Height = 1500mm / 5foot

Up to 5m in width!

Taking the Flood Barrier height into consideration, the GSB-H can span up to 5 meters in width. (see technical data on page 4). Contact us today. We find the right solution for you. 

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Installation within the opening or in-front of the opening. No extra masonry work

required !

  • Within of the opening
    : The vertical U-posts are simply bolted within the opening 

Flexible installation, according to your needs.

Not only can the length and height of the GSB-H barrier be adapted, it also offers minimum impact on aesthetics of building

In-front of the opening :  The vertical U-posts are simply bolted on the face of the wall