Automatic Doorway Spill Barrier - Retention Barrier BL/BHS-PM

Article Index: 061, 062


  • Pneumatically controlled – fully automatic

  • Horizontal swivelling capability

Standard height:
300–1000 mm
Standard length:
up to 5000 mm
Special situations:
up to 8000 mm
50 mm

Suitable for all surfaces.

The Containment Barrier features a rectangular, integrated hollow aluminium profiled section with a compressible, highly adaptable seal affixed to its side surfaces.

The swivelling apparatus and the abutments of the tensioning device are securely mounted to the floor/ground and wall next to the opening, which is to be secured and sealed. As an alternative, mounting within the doorjamb is also possible. The closure body is mounted in hinges and includes a mounting eye for a pneumatic cylinder. Firmly mounted on a special mount and sealed, a pneumatically cylinder is linked. In response to the pressing of a button or to a signal (24Volt DC), the barrier closes fully automatically or travels back into the resting position. Operating pressure 4 - 10 bar. For sealing in the area of the floor/ground in the case of Type 1, a floor angle is provided which can be safely walked over and which conforms to accident prevention measures.

Barrier bodies and mounting fixtures are furnished with a red paint finish, preferably “traffic red” RAL 3020. The remaining metal components are galvanized or made of aluminium.