Transport Cart BL/TKN

Article Index: 180

Suitable for the transport of heavy covers in conformity with accident prevention measures

  • "Bag truck" – special design

  • mobile system basis

approx. 550 x 400 x 1100 mm
approx. 10,0 kg

Suitable for the transport of channel inflow covers with the pin system (mobile system, BL/KMS types) up to 100 kg.

The transport cart features a rounded pipe design and solid rubber tires. Rotating receiving sleeves are located on the front side of the cart for the lifting and safe transport of special channel inflow covers. These sleeves can be freely rotated downward to the floor/ground position for closing the cover and upwards to the vertical position. If necessary, the channel inflow covers can be taken from a storage location, rotated upward on the cart and transported (in conformity with accident prevention measures) to the location where they will be implemented.

Where a fixed location is involved, the channel inflow cover can be turned to the horizontal position and lifted again by tilting the cart and then adapted to the prevailing conditions without having to lift the channel inflow cover by hand.

There also exists the possibility of mounting a fire extinguisher on the rear side of the "bag truck."

The transport cart is of normal steel, powder-coated, generally with a red finish ("traffic red" RAL 3020).