BL/BED-PM Containment Barrier
BL/BED-PM Containment Barrier
High Water Flood Barrier BL/HDS installation
BLOBEL Containment and Spill Barriers for Loading Docks
Semi automatic Flood Brrier GSB-FG-H
Manual Spill Barrier BL/BED
BLOBEL Doorway Spill Barrier BL BED-PM
GSB-AB-H - Automatische Löschwasserbarriere mit Handrückstellung
GSB-ABD-H Automatische Löschwasserbarriere mit Handrückstellung
BLOBEL Spill & Containment Barrier BL/BDD-PM
Test Sample - GSB-AB-H
Demonstration of manual Flood Barrier and Flood Gate BL/HHS
BLOBEL Spill and Flood Barrier Systems
BLOBEL Spill and Retention Barriers Containing Fire Suppressant Foam

Testing and demonstrating high Flood Barrier BL/HHS.
Doorway Spill Barrier BL/BED-PM2 @ 3m (10') wide and 1.2m  (48") height.
Mandoor Spill Barrier BL/BED-AS
Time delayed closing
Manual Doorway Spill Barrier BL/BED
Easy closing and opening.